Rob Bell Setting the Record Straight


Christian Hate

Sound like an oxymoron.  It should.  There is a disturbing trend in Evangelicalism that both troubles me and disgusts me at the same time.  It is the willingness of believers to commit character assassination over misinformed, prejudged conclusions based on word of mouth and groupthink gossip.  When did slander and gossip become a Christian virtue?  I am talking here of course of Rob Bell’s new book release promo and the knee jerk reactionism  of certain evangelicals whom haven’t even read it.  The public maligning of fellow Christians in the name of some kind of orthodoxy
“shoot first, ask questions later” type of criticism is alarming in light of the patently UNchristian behavior this is eliciting.  Discouragingly, some evangelicals continue to be unrepentant in their behavior and continue to spread lies about others with whom they disagree and have an ax to grind.  It is common decency to afford those with whom we disagree at least a minimal amount of respect and to accurately represent their viewpoints.  To do otherwise is sinful.  I think the recent occurences have seriously damaged the Gospel message as they have shown a watchful world we cannot love those whom we consider our own brothers and sisters.  I pray that God will forgive us.