Meaning and Myth

This short video from N.T. Wright is a helpful discussion on understanding the use of the term “myth” as it relates to conversations around Gen. 1-3. Many people get hung up on terminology when they are trying to attach historicity concerns to literary elements of a narrative. If Genesis is a narrative about God’s creation, humankind, and sin, then we need to attend to those elements when considering its interpretation, not time-lines and modern notions of history.

Flood Geology and Genesis

Many arguments surrounding the issues related to Genesis center on the earth’s geology.  It is thought that a global cataclysmic flood can account for many of the geological formations found on the earth today.  I have found these lines of reasoning to be particularly problematic when we look at the majority of research related to the earth’s formation.  Biologos has put together a multi-part series related to this topic and I thought it could be helpful for those wanting to take a look at the issue.  Follow the link below:

Flood Geology and Genesis

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

For an in-depth look at issues related to geological dating check out:

Geological Dating