John Walton on Genesis through Ancient Eyes

I really appreciate John Walton’s work on the thought forms of the ancient near east and how this impacts our reading of Genesis.  He helpfully gets to the root of what we need to understand when looking at the text of Genesis.  Check it out.

Meaning and Myth

This short video from N.T. Wright is a helpful discussion on understanding the use of the term “myth” as it relates to conversations around Gen. 1-3. Many people get hung up on terminology when they are trying to attach historicity concerns to literary elements of a narrative. If Genesis is a narrative about God’s creation, humankind, and sin, then we need to attend to those elements when considering its interpretation, not time-lines and modern notions of history.

Flood Geology and Genesis

Many arguments surrounding the issues related to Genesis center on the earth’s geology.  It is thought that a global cataclysmic flood can account for many of the geological formations found on the earth today.  I have found these lines of reasoning to be particularly problematic when we look at the majority of research related to the earth’s formation.  Biologos has put together a multi-part series related to this topic and I thought it could be helpful for those wanting to take a look at the issue.  Follow the link below:

Flood Geology and Genesis

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

For an in-depth look at issues related to geological dating check out:

Geological Dating