Personal Branding

Social media has forced us all to take a long hard look at ourselves.  Sometimes that may be a revealing picture.  The temptation to present our lives as more interesting than we really are is certainly one of which we all can fall prey.  As a media drenched society, we all have become somewhat of an expert on what catches the eye.  The cool picture from the slightly off kilter angle with a love interest or effervescent beverage in hand depicts a life others should envy.  But is this reality?  How can we surreptitiously undermine the whole advent of personal branding?  I don’t think unplugging ourselves from media outlets is a solution as the forms of communication we use today are still important.  Yet, we can do little things to resist the pull.  I suggest disconnecting yourself from apps, games, websites etc. that don’t contribute to your personal well being or at least have some practical use.  Try to take normal pictures of daily events rather than only the most glamourizing or suggestive.  Seek out experiences with friends and relatives rather than imaginary ones provided through online realities.  Begin to really live again rather than through proxy via tv or computer.  These are simple things we can do to make our lives more meaningful and less about the hype.

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