Christian Hate

Sound like an oxymoron.  It should.  There is a disturbing trend in Evangelicalism that both troubles me and disgusts me at the same time.  It is the willingness of believers to commit character assassination over misinformed, prejudged conclusions based on word of mouth and groupthink gossip.  When did slander and gossip become a Christian virtue?  I am talking here of course of Rob Bell’s new book release promo and the knee jerk reactionism  of certain evangelicals whom haven’t even read it.  The public maligning of fellow Christians in the name of some kind of orthodoxy
“shoot first, ask questions later” type of criticism is alarming in light of the patently UNchristian behavior this is eliciting.  Discouragingly, some evangelicals continue to be unrepentant in their behavior and continue to spread lies about others with whom they disagree and have an ax to grind.  It is common decency to afford those with whom we disagree at least a minimal amount of respect and to accurately represent their viewpoints.  To do otherwise is sinful.  I think the recent occurences have seriously damaged the Gospel message as they have shown a watchful world we cannot love those whom we consider our own brothers and sisters.  I pray that God will forgive us.

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  1. It’s interesting that Christians (typically) hold the view point that human value comes from the mere fact that God created man in His image, therefore imparting intrinsic value. Then these same people will turn around and devalue and strip that intrinsic value from those who disagree or perhaps oppose them. I guess the adage, “Actions speak louder than words” applies to this double standard so-called believers are invoking. I agree with you that it’s a disgusting thing – because it’s coming from so called believers.

    I guess the only response is to treat those people with respect and love, and pray they will come to repentance – even if we disagree.

  2. I think those are wise words my friend. Thanks for sharing. Is this the same James from Sarah’s site?

  3. I am the same James that commented on Sarah’s site. I found your responses to be very well thought out and well delivered – so I trotted along to your site! I appreciate the diverse subjects and thoughtful ideas that you’ve been writing about on this site.

  4. Hey James, thanks for dropping by. I really liked how you dealt with the arguments Sarah had. Very thorough. I appreciate your feedback on the blog. I try to do whatever’s on my mind which sometimes can be sporadic but there are definitely some themes. Do you blog anywhere?

  5. I usually don’t try to get too involved with online discussions because I find too many people end up getting involved (among other reasons) and I just loose track of what’s going on. However, Sarah’s site isn’t like that, so it’s a great place to address some of the issues raised.

    I don’t blog on any site yet, but I am planning to launch my own website in the near future. I hope to have a place where people can access my own music, blog, and articles I’ve written. If you’re interested in some of those articles I could easily email those off to you and you could give me some (much needed) feedback.

  6. I agree. Thats really why I started my blog. It provides a way to modify the disourse and hold some semblance of sustained discussion without constant interrupt, red herrings etc. WordPress has been a pretty good platform for me, they have a lot of capabilities for free. I’d love to take a look at your articles. Are you trying to get them published?


  7. WordPress is great. I tried joomla a while back but found it not very intuitive, however, wordpress is definitely great. I’m not trying to get my articles published, I just plan on having them accessible on my site. A few of them were made with the intent to be able to pass them out to people on the street – so for the common person – but a few are meant as more serious and in depth discussions. Just give me a shout at jamesmichaelhickey @ (hopefully that saves me from email spamming bots!)

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