Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

This just makes me smile ūüôā

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“Randomness” in Discussions About Evolution

This short vignette from the BioLogos Foundation is a very helpful discussion about what is meant when we use the term “random” in relation to evolution.¬†¬† Often times this term¬†can be¬†misused in a pejorative¬†sense in discussions¬†surrounding¬†science and faith.¬† This video helpfully clarifies what is random and what is not in the evolutionary process.

What Civilization Owes Accountants

The rise of language began with accounting.¬† This may seem counterintuitive as accountants are not always noted for their eloquence or interpersonal gifts.¬† Yet, it still remains, civilization owes accounting.¬† The history of language¬†demonstrates that early civilizations in places like Uruk in Sumeria developed symbols to account for common items that needed to be¬†tallied in temple collection and trade.¬†¬†Some examples include¬†sheep, wheat, oil, perfume etc.¬† As you can see in the above chart, tokens were originally used to represent¬†physical objects.¬† It wasn’t too long before someone thought to use written representations of these images for their accounting practices.¬† The first column shows pictographic Sumerian representing physical¬†tokens on the left.¬† Each unique token stood for a different corresponding object.¬†The same remained true when pictographic representations replaced physical tokens.¬† This¬†breakthrough in the depiction of ideas through¬†written images¬†is what effectively set off the writing revolution.¬† Civilizations developed more and more signs, using different implements like reeds in moist clay to create impressions.¬† Kings made it a sign of prestige to have scribes recording the events of their kingdom and sent letters to other rulers to maintain diplomatic relations.¬† All of this because some bean counters had the forethought to create ways to account for items in the mundane daily activities of trade.¬† So if you know an accountant, be kind to them and be sure to say thanks for their service to civilization.