Meaning and Myth

This short video from N.T. Wright is a helpful discussion on understanding the use of the term “myth” as it relates to conversations around Gen. 1-3. Many people get hung up on terminology when they are trying to attach historicity concerns to literary elements of a narrative. If Genesis is a narrative about God’s creation, humankind, and sin, then we need to attend to those elements when considering its interpretation, not time-lines and modern notions of history.

A History of the Earth

It can sometimes be daunting trying to find all the various kinds of information related to the geological formation of the Earth.  The most helpful is when all the information can be collected into a single presentation to get a feel for the scope and progression of ideas as they relate to each other.  This special from the History Channel is the best attempt I’ve seen to do just that.  It combines all the various fields of study ie. geology, climateology etc. and synthesizes them together into one consistent narrative.  Its a great way to get a birds eye view of the timeline of the Earth’s formation.  What I enjoyed the most were  the short vignettes which showed the actual evidence being talked about.  The phenomena being discussed were illustrated through real life examples on location across numerous sites in the world.  I would highly recommend it.

How the Earth was Made