Big History and the Story of Creation

Map of the timeline of the universe

This is an article talking about the timeline of the universe.  I think it fits quite nicely with our understanding of creation.  It is interesting that science is now pushing for a narrative to talk about our universe.  Such an inclination fits well with the Abrahamic faiths,  which have always viewed creation as part of the larger narrative of God’s creative work and subsequently humankind’s vocation as caretakers of God’s creation.  It will be interesting to see what gets added when the Higgs Boson particle is finally revealed.  It’s the last link in the unified theory of the universe.

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  1. That’s a fine graphic but the numbers look like they have been pulled out of a magicians hat.

    If you looking for a more accurate timeline according to the Word of God, the Sovereign Lord or Creation, try this:

    I think that the earth will deserve it’s just punishment when the Creator takes His vast creation, compresses it into little balls, and let them fall to the earth.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Keep in mind this is a simple graphic timeline. It’s not intended to convince someone of what science has been arguing for some time now. I’d encourage you to read one of my previous posts: to understand why I don’t buy creationism. Also, in your post you supplied, you have not given an account of the creation narrative as the original audience would have understood it. Here is a link to a previous post on how an ancient near eastern person would have understood the Genesis account: Ultimately for me, its a genre issue. The science is secondary to reading the Bible correctly for me. It is ultimately a genre and hermeneutics issue. We cannot read into the text of the Bible what the original audience would not have understood i.e. physical origin concerns versus their concern about functions and roles.

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