Contemporary Church Parody

This video hits the nail on the head.  I can’t say I’m not a little sad to see how predictable some church services have become but if something works then Iguess thats what happens.  Its basically unavoidable  since constant innovation is exhausting and human beings are creatures of habit.  Call it the modern liturgy.  Call it contextualization.  As my father-in-law loves to say, its “the church of what’s happening now.”  A warning against contemporization?  Maybe.  Has the church sold its soul to 21st century commercialization?  I don’t think so.  Like it or not, this is what contextualization in America looks like.  I’m sure it will change in the next decade but for now people hear the Gospel in packaging that they can relate to and its hard to knock churches for doing that.  I think its more a commentary on our culture than anything else.  We live in a world bombarded with messages and overwhelmed by constant media delivering instruments.  A world without silence.  We can’t blame churches for utilizing forms of media to communicate the message of the Gospel in culturally apt ways.  Its the nature of ministry in a 21st century digital society.  As far as the video is concerned though, I find it pretty funny.

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  1. Even when I was a believer I found the hip mega churches to be a weird mix of saccharine and cynicism. Even though the messages offered at these churches may have often been commendable and/or totally biblical, the packaging seemed inauthentic. Too slick. Too seductive. It’s like telling people ‘hey, did you know Jesus wears crocs?’ is going to get them to think deeply about the meaning of life and spiritually.

    I’m all for people finding community, and expressing themselves in ways that their comfortable, so the above opinion is more of a shoulder shrug than a condemnation.

    I’ll take the meat and potatoes stuff any day. I don’t need to be comfortable. I just need to know what’s true.

  2. What a frankly great piece

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